Saturday, January 25, 2014


Lately, had been crazy about avocado. For a month, almost
everyday consume avocado. I love the creamy texture, like the light aroma, enjoy letting the avocado melt in my mouth.

Some surprise, my skin texture and hair improved after consistently consume Avocado.

 I love blending Avocado with milk.  I love eating it raw.  I low to add the avocado into my salads.

Too bad it is rather costly fruit.  Our Local Avocado (difficult to find) ain't taste as good as Australia Avocado. South Africa Avocado is big in size, but the taste is just "so-so" only.

p/s: just dig out this draft which had been kept for some time.  Now isn't avocado season, it is very expensive to eat now. :P better change back to our local fruit.

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